Mind. Body. Nature.

True North Wellness is predicated on the idea that everyone’s path to their inner guide is their own. Just as ‘north’ varies in context with grid lines, maps, magnetic force, or terrestrial space, our personal compass leads us on our own journey to our true self; our very own north.

Ryan M.

Jessica Morgan is a thoughtful and talented facilitator. Her ecotherapy sessions are immersive, effective and rewarding. Through creative exercises she helps cultivate a deep sense of mindfulness and connectivity with the natural world. If you’re looking into centering yourself, learn how to be more present in your daily life, and connect with Long island’s beautiful ecosystems, I could not recommend Jessica’s sessions more.

Bridget F.

Ecotherapy with Jessica Morgan is transformative, both on its own, and as a wonderful complement to my regular individual therapy. Through her dynamic style of facilitation, I’ve begun relating to myself and my daily challenges in a kinder, clear, and calmer way. I’m so grateful that I’ve opened myself to Jessica’s compassionate nature-based methods and, to her overwhelming compassion for her clients.

Elly C.

Ecotherapy can be for anyone! A welcome change of pace from my every day life, Ecotherapy let me reconnect with myself and be present for the moment. With Jessica as your guide, it is easy to let go and coexist with nature, as her nonjudgemental and creative approach eases you into each activity. If you’re looking to realign yourself, feeling like you need a break or even just to try something new, I sincerely recommend ecotherapy sessions with Jessica!

"To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work."


Mary Oliver

Wild Pond

Land Use Statement

All people are from nature and deserve access to nature as an integral part of the human experience. As it stands today and historically, this access is unequal and taken by force. True North Wellness recognizes the reciprocal relationship humans are intended to have with the environment and the importance of centering people who have been marginalized by post/on-going colonialism, white supremacy, and patriarchal structures within the repairing of this relationship. Five percent of proceeds for all ecotherapy sessions are directed to causes furthering this reparation.

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