Psychotherapy Services

     My practice centers around the belief that all people possess a natural intuition for health & wholeness. We are simultaneously interconnected to others and the natural world to which we bring this intuition to our greater sense of purpose among the collective whole. Human beings are a renewable source of love and compassion but oftentimes our empathetic responses in caring for others such as family members, friends, clients, or patients, can lead to feelings of burnout, stress, exhaustion, and inhibit us from caring for ourselves. I specialize with clients who find themselves in these helping/healing roles, formally and informally.


              My eclectic style utilizes ecotherapy, narrative, and experiential practices as I guide clients on their journey to self-discovery. To my practice I bring compassion, patience, and creative thinking to assist clients in unlocking life’s challenges. 


              Clients can expect a collaborative approach to this healing process as we co-create a safe forum for raising awareness around the ways you are currently experiencing life, getting in touch with the truest expression of yourself, and cultivating the life you know you are meant to live. Contact me today and let me join you in your path to self-discovery.



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