About Ecotherapy

Discover your inner guide

True North Wellness provides ecotherapy sessions that draw upon mindfulness-based ecotherapy and ecopsychology practices as well as private, in-office, counseling. Ecotherapy groups consist of experiential exercises and experiments intended to bring participants closer to the natural world and their true nature. As we open ourselves up to an immersive and non-judgemental conversation with the environment we can get present with the ‘us’ that was there all along. True North ecotherapy groups provide an opportunity to explore the intersection of our external and internal environment as well as call upon our innate inner strengths and intuition.

Jessica Morgan LMSW operates True North Wellness. She earned her masters in social work from Stony Brook university School of Social welfare in 2018. She also holds a B.A., in Women and Gender Studies from SBU, 2010. Currently she is pursuing a post masters certificate in experiential therapy and is completing a 12 week Mindfulness-Based Eco-therapy program. She uses creative writing, poetry, art, and movement to explore the intersections of one’s internal and external landscapes. Her diverse professional experience in mental health housing, biomedical community organizing, event planning, and the arts has cultivated an unrelenting interest in the ways narrative reflection, mindfulness, nature, and adventure can enhance the life we live.

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